Using WordPress to start an affordable small business website or blog.

As a program and project manager who works primarily in front-end web development, one of the best deals around for starting a website or blog for your small business or personal portfolio site is WordPress’ Free Website and/or Blog offer.

As a web developer, I have worked with a variety of Content Management Systems (CMS), such as Joomla!, Drupal, and WordPress for example, and although I like each of the aforementioned CMS’ software, I would have to say that if you are a small business owner, on a limited budget, and need to be on the web marketing your products or services (by yesterday), then in my opinion (and experience), I would recommend starting with WordPress CMS to build your online presence.


One of the main reasons I like web developing with WordPress is because it is simple to use, and easy for clients to learn how to maintain. The other reason I prefer WordPress in general is because its scalability, so as your business grows, WordPress has the capacity to grow right along with it, and not only in the physical sense, but also in the financial sense, as WordPress offers a number of different plans based on your budget, user need, and experience, so along with affordability, you are in fact working with a high-end, well-crafted software and highly trained support staff that culminates in WordPress’ reputation for being rated as the #1 CMS software for blogging.

So for example, when typically working with a client on a limited budget, I usually start them off on the FREE WordPress site platform for initial development, and do most of my design, navigation, graphics, and content development during this phase to save the client money on front-end server and development costs, then once the site is built, I work with the client on build a basic blog maintenance plan, so that the client has the proficiency to effectively utilize their WordPress Website, and/or Blog for online marketing and promotion.


Given the affordability of WordPress (FREE in this case), there are a number of advantages: The best one for me as a developer is to be able to simply create and design without incurring any major costs during the initial design phase of the web development process.

The free wordpress account allows for the web developer (the somewhat luxury) of not having to worry about paying for server space while in the initial design phase, as the pressure to build and design a client site under a certain elevated degree of time constraints, in my opinion, can compromise the web design process, so as a web developer, it is nice to be able to start the client off in a position in which they are not paying a lot of money to design or build a website.

It has been my philosophy, ever since someone tried to sell me a simple HTML static website for $3000. as a small business start-up, a long time ago, that as a web developer I would do whatever I could to make having a website as affordable as possible, and with the FREE WordPress site offer, I now believe it to be possible.


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